Thirteenth century watchtower

The Tower of Pizzofalcone

From the west side terrace of the first floor of the Carafa Castle you can observe what remains of the Tower of Pizzofalcone.

Its strategic position suggests its function: it is a thirteenth-century watchtower.



A location was chosen that could offer the best view to the sentries, both on the sea and inland.

It is not hard to imagine that anyone who attempted to land on our beaches would be spotted from the wide arched window to the south at first, and from there, announced at the castle, in such a way as to be able to predict and possibly counter enemy attacks.
Around 1980 a restoration was carried out that saw the realization of the staircase that makes it possible today to access the square of the Tower, from which you have a suggestive and almost picturesque view of the landscape of the Ionian coast.