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the genius of the Renaissance


FROM: 24/07/2021 | 09:00 - 13:00
TIME: 30 Min


The exhibition dedicated to Michelangelo Buonarroti will be open to the public from Saturday 24 July 2021, to the Carafa Castle of Roccella Jonica.

The initiative was conceived by Jonica Multiservizi Spa in collaboration with the Observatory for the Monitoring of Peace and Territorial Security and the Municipality of Roccella and realized in synergy with the International Confederation of Crusader Knights following the success of the exhibition “Leonardo – The machines of the Genius“ inaugurated last summer and still open to the public.

The event dedicated to Michelangelo will enrich the cultural proposals reserved to Italian Geniuses inside the Carafa Castle.

The exhibition of 33 canvases shows details of the famous frescoes of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, that cover the vault and the back wall above the altar dedicated to the “Last Judgment“, called one of the greatest masterpieces of Western art.

Thanks to the usability of additional spaces inside the Carafa Castle it was possible to dedicate an area to the details of the vault and an area to those of the Last Judgment.

The two most famous hands in the world, the hand of God that goes on towards that of Adam and represents the exact moment in which God gives the spirit and life to man, and the Last Judgment, the beginning of everything and the end of everything, can be viewed from a different perspective.

The artistic curator  
Lawyer Antonella Lombardo


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Carafa Castle will remain temporarily closed.


Adults : 8,00 €
Reduced: Ridotto: 5,00 €*
Under 6 years old: free
Disabled: free**
* Under 12 years old / agreements
** For people with disabilities also the accompanying person has free admission – Law 104/92

 *** The purchase of the ticket of "Leonardo - The machines of the Genius " allows you to visit the exhibition "Michelangelo, the Genius of the Renaissance" and the entire Monumental Complex of Carafa.



Adults : 8,00 €
Reduced: 5,00 €*
Under 6 years old: free
Disabled: free**
* younger than 12 years old / agreement
** About disabled, free entrace for their guide – Law 104/92


In compliance with the rules provided by current legislation declined taking into account the characteristics of the Monumental Complex of Carafa and to ensure adequate safety, the visit inside the Castle will be organized with predefined times (5 minutes per room) in compliance with the rules to be followed in the interest of all. It is necessary to strictly respect the time chosen at the time of booking to allow everyone a good visit. This will last in total 40 minutes, including a 5-minute break in the middle of the route.
– Access to the exhibition 10 people every 15 minutes.
– Visitors with reservation will have absolute priority. We strongly recommend the use of the online reservation and pre-sale service
– – The ticket booked and purchased online must be validated at the ticket office of the Castle that will issue the paper tickets corresponding to those purchased.
– At the end of the booking you can print the PDF file. Copy of the file will be sent to the e-mail address indicated.
– For those without reservation, it will be possible to check at the ticket office the first time slot available for admission to the exhibition.
– Access to the ticket office is allowed to only one person at a time, to buy the ticket, ask for information or to present your reservation; the other visitors in the queue are asked to wait their turn keeping the safety distance.
– People with disabilities (Law 104/92) will have free access together with their companion.
– Children up to 6 years old can pick up their free reservation online. The child will not be included in the count of the 10 visitors at a time allowed in the halls. We ask that every child younger than 6 years make all the visit with an adult (sharing paths and stops).
– Visitors are required to arrive 5 minutes before the time indicated on the ticket to allow the carrying out of all operations preparatory to the visit and necessary to ensure the safety of all. We can not guarantee access to the exhibition for those who will arrive late compared to the time chosen at the time of booking.
– At the entrance of the Monumental Complex of Carafa will be measured body temperature. Access will not be allowed in case of body temperature above 37.5 C.
– Visitors must wear the mask for all the time of stay inside the Castle
– The use of the lift is reserved, for safety and courtesy, to people with disabilities and their companions;
– All educational services for children and adults are temporarily suspended.



-- All our staff will welcome visitors wearing the mask and maintaining the interpersonal distance of two meters; at fixed locations, staff will welcome visitors behind barriers of physical distance.
- Are available to all visitors points of distribution of hydro-alcoholic solutions for hand hygiene; it is advisable to use them often.
- The Castle staff ensures adequate cleaning of rooms and surfaces with detergents and disinfectants and suitable procedures, with particular attention to the toilets and objects that are frequently touched by visitors along the visit path.
- The Castle’s air conditioning system is disabled to avoid a potential contagion.